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The Fossil Free Huddersfield University campaign is calling on Huddersfield University to take a strong stand on climate change by going Fossil Free and making a commitment to divest from fossil fuel investments on behalf of its students, staff and the local community.

Specifically, the campaign is asking the University of Huddersfield to:
• Screen for and exclude fossil fuels any investments from their investment portfolio within a year.
• Commit to refusing any future investment in fossil fuel companies.
• Strengthen and adhere to the university’s ethical investment policy.

Please find below the text of an Open Letter for staff at the University of Huddersfield to sign, which will be delivered to the Vice Chancellor’s Office in Autumn 2017 when we reach 50+ staff signatures. We have already had fantastic support from staff, students, alumni and teh local community. If you work for Huddersfield University and would like to sign the Open Letter, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

Text of OPEN LETTER to the Vice Chancellor & University Council, Huddersfield University

As members of staff at the University of Huddersfield we are writing to express our personal support for the Fossil Free Huddersfield University campaign. The campaign has support from a wide base of students, alumni, staff and local residents. As an academic institution committed to scientific and intellectual rigour, it behoves us to respond to the evidence from the global climate scientific community and to offer the necessary forward-thinking climate leadership.

We are encouraged by the commitments the University has already made towards Sustainability especially regarding the University’s Ethical Investment policies which would appear to strongly support the need for fossil fuel divestment. Eg “The University will not invest directly into organisations whose values do not reflect those of the University in regard to social, environmental and humanitarian concern. These would for example include but not be limited to: human rights abuse; discrimination on grounds of race, gender, disability, age or religion; serious and persistent environmental damage; arms trading”.

The UK Minister of State for Climate Change and Industry Nick Hurd recently stated in Parliament that ’70-75% of known fossil fuels must be left unused, in order to have a 50% chance of limiting global temperature rise to below 2 degrees’. The futures of our student population and, indeed, everyone on the planet depend on a rapid transition away from fossil fuels. We therefore believe that it does not makes good financial or ethical sense for Huddersfield University to be investing in companies which are trying to extract even more unburnable oil, coal and gas.

We fully support and encourage the University’s commitments to reducing its own carbon emissions. However, we feel that simultaneously investing in the fossil fuel industry contradicts these objectives and reduction commitments. Therefore, in parallel with the University’s Carbon Management Plan, we advocate that the University shows a clear divestment message that it does not support the fossil fuel industry.The need for urgent action is clear. The climate crisis requires action on all fronts including: using our research and teaching to inform and enable change, reducing the University’s own carbon emissions, and ensuring our financial influence – however small – discourages the continued exploitation of unsustainable sources of energy. We very much hope the University management will come to the same view.

Please add your name to the Open Letter

The Open Letter will only be delivered when we have reached 50 staff signatories and you will be sent an update before we deliver the letter. To sign the letter, please complete the form below. If you have any questions or need more information, please email

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