Fossil Free

Fossil Free

Huddersfield Friends of the Earth is among a number of groups calling on the West Yorkshire Pension Fund and Huddersfield University to divest from fossil fuel investments.

Clean Up the WYPF action

On the eve of the 2015 UN Climate Summit Archbishop Desmond Tutu argued that the tactics used against firms that did business with apartheid South Africa must now be applied to fossil fuels: “As responsible citizens of the world we have a duty to persuade our leaders to lead us in a new direction: to help us abandon our collective addiction to fossil fuels”. Petitions calling upon our local institutions to go Fossil Free have been set up, as part of the global Fossil Free divestment campaign which calls upon large institutional investors such as churches & faith groups, universities, councils and pension funds to pull their investments from fossil fuel investments.

Divest West Yorkshire Pension Fund from fossil fuels – sign petition:

Divest Huddersfield University from fossil fuels – sign petition

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Don't be a dinosaur Hudds Uni - go Fossil Free!

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